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SMILE is currently working to make our website web accessible. What does web accessible mean?
The goal of web accessibility is to ensure that all people, including those with disabilities have equal use and enjoyment of websites and web content. Such as:
Making the site available in different languages via google translate
Allowing for tabbing through content rather than using a mouse
Making content available in different screen contrasts
Allowing for descriptive captioning for use with the read aloud function

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Welcome Smile's new nuns. The Day Program Manager, Rejean Chang, Brian a client and one of the new nuns. Welcome

“Once Upon a Time at St. Mary’s” things were very, very bad. The evil Corona Virus was sweeping the country, locking down everything, quarantining all the good people, and attacking the very freedoms we cherish. The administrators of the little “school” were giving up. But the Mother Superior had an ace up her sleeve. And, she wasn’t above playing it to save the school!

SMILE Theatre Company’s very first play was a hit. The audience thrilled to songs from the Sister Act movies. (The play was very loosely based on Sister Act II.) The cast, composed entirely of SMILE clients—along with Sister Tirhas and playwright, Nancy Knight (as moderator) sang and danced to the delight of the audience. Several clients excelled with enhanced roles. Kenny, Ashley, Betsy, Brian, Josh, and Della had solos that “rocked” the audience. But, as they say in theatre, no role is a small role. It took a great effort from all of our clients to make the production successful. Sister Tirhas, (Mother Superior), Ashley, Darcy, Shakeema, Irina, and Betsy played the nuns. Darrell played Father Darrell. Eric, Inna, Nathan, Elliott, Jebby, and Deante rounded out the cast as students at St. Mary’s School.

We also would like to thank our great staff for their help with the production. Costume changes, stage directions—the staff became expert at getting things done backstage. Co-Directors ReJean Chang and Nancy Knight were very proud of all participants.

A special thanks to Joe Dreher, Dreher Insurance, who donated money to support the event.


HOMES for INDEPENDENT LIVING that allow developmentally delayed adults to live independently where they are accessible to their communities. At SMILE every client is important and unique with a specific set of needs and concerns. We consider ourselves caregivers with a conscience. We are here to serve the needs of the next phase of our client’s life. Our one-on-one 24-hour assistance is specific to our clients needs.

SMILE offers an engaging DAY PROGRAM to facilitate growth and offer skill sets that are both challenging and fun. Some clients just need a place to be active during the day where they can be watched over and nurtured. Our Day Program offers that solution.