Independent Home Living or

CLS (Community Living Support)…

SMILE helps clients set up their own homes in their own communities to function independently but within a secure loving framework. SMILE provides guidance and insight into a workable living situation to fill a client’s in-home living needs. Each situation is different, but SMILE’s expertise can provide the consultation and direction needed to set up YOUR home and help to make it sustainable. Our 24-hour emergency on call support is also there to provide the peace of mind and extra layer of protection when needed.

We believe in a perspective shift from an institution living environment to a home based independent approach keeping clients living within their own community. We are sensitive to the fact that developmentally disabled individuals have needs beyond their early years. Their needs are equally vital and important through adulthood and beyond. It is important that families of these individuals have a plan in place to meet those current needs and future living needs when parents or family caregivers pass on. A smooth transition for such circumstances can be put in place and training toward independent living solutions is what SMILE is all about.

Individually tailored supports that assist with acquisition, retention, or improvement in skills related to an individual’s continued residence in his/her home.

Aimed at supporting individuals in having increased opportunities to participate in their community and in exercising choice in their services and daily routines.

• Assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs)

• Basic first-aid, accompanying individuals on medical appointments, documenting food and liquid intake and output, assisting with self-administering of medication

• Implementation of the behavioral support plan